TOC Logistics International

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TOC Logistics International

About TOC Logistics International

TOC Logistics International was born from the idea that success is achieved when a business focuses on what it does best and where it drives the most value for its customers.

In 2010, TOC Logistics International, LLC was created with the intent of growing the global supply chain business. 

Thirty-year industry veteran, Gary Cardenas, launched TOC as a new source for innovative supply chain solutions

TOC Logistics International works alongside our sister company, ProTrans, to offer a wide range of services for the organizations we work with. 

Gary Cardenas is the President and CEO of both ProTrans International and TOC.

TOC has become a global force that helps manufacturers reduce costs, drive down transit times, and gain improvements through innovative service offerings and a truly customized approach.

TOC Logistics International Advantages

  • Business Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Engineering and Analysis
  • Cargo Consolidation Programs
  • Shared Consolidation Programs
  • Air and Ocean Imports
  • Air and Ocean Exports
  • Time Critical Logistics
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Transport Management Systems
  • PO Management

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