About Total Airport Services

TAS’ mission is to operate within a framework of well-established policies, procedures, and practices that balance the needs of their customers, employees, and shareholders. 

Total Airport Services provides a safe and respectful workplace with the resources necessary for their team members to distinguish themselves in the eyes of the customers.

Operational Values

To ensure that their beliefs constitute an effective practice, they hold to the following Operational Values in our day-to-day operations:


Ensure the integrity of personnel, property and the environment. Think before acting, always putting safety first.


Passion about what thgey do, assertiveness and ownership of the results.


Initiative, persistence and operational analysis to do the right thing in the right way

Total Airport Services Advantages

  • Airport Terminal Services
  • Ramp Scrubbing
  • Jetway Maintenance
  • Baggage System Maintenance
  • Fuel Pit and Hydrant System Maintenance
  • Ramp Control Tower Operations
  • Flight Supervision and Coordination

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