About Transport Buddy

Transport Buddy wants to help people out when it comes to getting goods transported. A lot of businesses depend on the safe and timely arrival of their equipment and products, and we want to assist in making that happen!

We handle the transportation of your load as well as everything and anything that implies, such as Special Permits, Import and Export Customs, Loading, and Unloading Assistance. And anything necessary to guarantee the safe arrival to its final destination.

Transport Buddy Advantages

  • Machinery Transportation: We work directly with over 100 dealerships and auctions in the United States and thousands of companies and individuals.
  • Transportation of Produce and Raw Materials: We work to guarantee the efficient transportation of your load by collecting all the necessary information and researching to ensure the safe arrival of your load to its final destination.
  • International Transport: We count on affiliations with shipping lines and freight forwarders that allow us to transport from anywhere to any place, allowing us to offer options such as:
    • Dorr-to-Door
    • Door-to-Port
    • Port-to-Door
    • Port-to-Port

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