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TransVega Logistics

About TransVega Logistics

TransVega Logistics, Inc. started as an idea that was simple enough. Provide unrivaled customer service at an affordable cost and never forget that the customer is the most important block in any foundation.

We pride ourselves on being truly 100% customer-centric.

TransVega Logistics knows what it’s like to sit in your seat and the decisions you have to make each day to get your product shipped in-time, on-time and on the day you were promised.

TransVega Logistics promises to earn the opportunity of being your trusted transport partner not just as a catch-phrase but as a promise to you that your cargo is vital to your business and that we will go the extra mile ,we will take that extra step ,and we will deliver on what we promise.

You know it’s seems these days that customer service is a dying principle of business, and we refute that on every level. Our entire structure is built around one thing and one thing only, customer service.

TransVega Logistics provides this service by having the best team in the business to get your freight moved. Our highly experienced Agent Brokers work hand in hand with you on each load to insure your peace of mind that your freight will arrive safely and on time. Our management team has extensive backgrounds in Logistics and Information Technology to help provide our team members with the best tools in the industry to track your freight at any part of its transportation cycle and to provide you up to the minute tracking on where your freight is at any given time in the process.

Logistics and technology are a perfect match for each other, and we know that we have the background and experience in both, to make sure that we will never stop looking for better ways to serve you, our customer.

TransVega Logistics advantages

When you need capacity at a moment’s notice, you need someone you can trust. Our brokerage team provides reliable and committed professionals who are available to you around the clock, all year round. You are much more than just a number to us; that’s why we deliver hands-on customer service and always strive to deliver beyond your expectations.

Our brokerage capabilities are as diverse as your shipping needs. From truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), refrigerated, expedited, and other services, we partner with our network of over 30,000+ carriers to get the job done. We pride ourselves in the flexibility and the capacity we are able to provide should any sudden changes need to

Carriers can benefit from our wide ranging daily freight opportunities. Take advantage of timely pay, clean freight and professional service to help get your drivers to their preferred destination.
Our carriers are treated like customers in that we provide the Quality, Fairness, Honesty, and Uncompromising Customer Service you deserve. TransVega Logistics looks forward to building a relationship with you.

Our background in Information Technology along with our Logistics experience separates us from the competition. We know how to utilize a marriage of both, to provide you with unrivaled load tracking and the answers you need when you have questions. We are constantly looking to expand our technology tool-set to help provide you with real-time data regarding your freight and are proud to be an industry leader in safety and compliance for your freight.

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