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About Transworld CHB

Transworld CHB is a well-established and licensed customs broker in the Southern California, known for thier exceptional service in brokering and freight forwarding for global ocean and air cargo. With over a decade of professional experience, they take pride in delivering great customer service at a competitive low cost.

Their Customs Brokerage Service covers the entire country with qualified staff knowledgeable in all import and export procedures and requirements. In addition to the various governmental regulatory requirements, they also provide valuable assistance to importers in technical areas such as valuation and product classification. They are linked electronically to U.S. Customs through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI). Their uniform processes and eCommerce abilities help make sure procedures are done right the first time.

Transworld CHB has the resources, the people and the technology to provide excellence and innovation in customs brokerage services.

Transworld CHB Advantages

  • Informal ABI and non-ABI entry
  • OGA (FDA, FCC, USDA, DOT, Fish & Wildlife)
  • Wearing Apparel & Textile
  • Antidumping/Countervailing
  • Personal Effect
  • Carnet
  • Temporary Importation
  • Duty Drawback
  • Warehouse entry
  • Post entry and Protest
  • ISF 10+2 (Importer Security Filing)
  • Remote Location Filing
  • Immediate Export and In-transit

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