About Trealmont

The Trealmont Transport group of companies originated as the Montreal Shipping Company Limited in April 1925. Not long after, in 1933, Montreal Shipping expanded into vessel ownership, management and chartering, with freight forwarding being a natural progression of the business in the 1950’s. With the expansion of cargo representation on Canada’s west coast, Trealmont Chartering was formally incorporated in 1996 with offices in Montreal and Vancouver, and within the next decade expanded into the United States.

Established in 1998 and based in Vancouver, Trade Lane Solutions Ltd. handled the export movement of close to a million tonnes per year of forest products by ship, road and rail, as well as offering a range of client specific services including strategic logistics planning, freight negotiation, contract administration and freight market analysis.

In January 2009, Trealmont Chartering Inc. joined forces with Trade Lane Solutions Inc. to form Trealmont Trade Lane Inc. Together these companies bring over 80 years of experience to exporters through dedicated offices in Canada and the United States, and internationally through longstanding business relationships. The integration of our combined expertise and resources further strengthens our ability to offer shippers the range of logistics solutions, services, and consulting they require to successfully compete in the global market place.

Trealmont Trade Lane co-ordinates the physical movement of goods in a timely and proficient manner between a Seller and a Buyer. What’s not so simple is the complexity of the real world. At TTL we act on our client’s behalf to navigate problems that can arise at the interface between transportation modes; local barriers to the movement of goods due to infrastructure, strike or congestion; or to smooth the legal or documentary challenges that arise between jurisdictions.

Trealmont Advantages

Trealmont provides customized solutions to its Canadian and international clients’ global shipping needs and is dedicated to deliver seamless interaction across all involved transportation modes.

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Ground Transporation
  • Container Transportation
  • Breakbulk Transportation
  • Dry Bulk Transportation
  • Terminal and Cargo Handling Services
  • Documentation and Letter of Credit Compliance
  • Contract Administration and Consulting

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