About UPS Freight

At UPS Freight, we get to see a lot of unique supply chains in a lot of fascinating businesses. You could say, when it comes to logistics solutions, we’ve seen and done just about everything. And if we haven’t, we take it as a professional challenge to find a new solution that works better, faster and more economically.

On our UPS® Forwarding Hub, get and compare quotes, book shipments, and track them end-to-end on one modern, easy-to-navigate dashboard. Get a quote to start booking today.

From air and ocean to everything in between, you can trust us to move your cargo freight from one point to another.

If you’re shipping air freight, it’s critical. Our International and North American Air Freight services offers day-specific, door-to-door service to 220+ countries.

Every day, UPS Freight moves ocean freight across 2,300+ lanes. So, if you’re nervous about going ocean, we’ve got it handled for you.

UPS Freight industry professionals have compiled freight market updates and trends, to ensure your business is best prepared for the future.

UPS Freight advantages

Customs Brokerage
We’ve been in transportation and logistics for more than 100 years, so we’re used to being on the front lines of customs brokerage.

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Flex® Global View
Keeping track of all the vendors, POs and shipments constantly moving through your supply chain takes smart, easy-to-use technology.

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Are you and your staff wearing more hats than you can count? Explore our flexible, scalable warehouse management solutions.

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Inventory Management
If your current inventory management system isn’t making your job easier, we should talk. We can help you simplify order, fulfillment and inventory flow.

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If your small business has transformed into a fast-growing company, our distribution solutions can offer relief to those growing pains.

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Supplier Management
Your job is complex. With managing 26 vendors across five countries and nine time zones. Sleep isn’t an option. How can you manage it all? We’ll help.

PayCargo is your all-in-one logistics payment platform for faster release of cargo. With PayCargo, your security and satisfaction are accounted for. 

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