About Valueway Global Logistics

Valueway Global Logistics Inc. is Canadian licensed customs broker, license number : 3023

Our EDI system allow us to file all type shipments, No matter shipment by Ocean, Air , Rail , Trucking or Courier service . Couple minutes to get response for customs release status. We also offer paper entry for some special request by CBSA and the service for all OGD application , such as CFIA , IMPORT PERMIT, TRANSPORT CANADA etc.

Valueway Global Logistics Advantages:

Global Logistics:

  • Air Freight Cargo
  • Ground Freight Cargo
  • Ocean Freight Cargo ( Container Information, incoterms 2000)
  • Online Customer Service
  • Warehouse
  • ACI/AMS/ISF/AES System/ACI System

      Customs Brokerage:

      • B3 & invoice Download
      • Customs Brokerage
      • Customs licence
      • Customs release tracking
      • Customs HS code search
      • Customs Tariff in Canada
      • Customs Tariff in China
      • Customs Tariff in USA

      Air/Ocean Shipment Track

      • Express Parcel tracking
      • Air/Ocean Cargo tracking
      • Customs release tracking

      FBA Service


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