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About VI Cargo

At VI Cargo we specialize in just one island; St. Croix, giving you a team of local experts and on the ground staff you can trust to deliver your cargo.

Your one-stop-shop for all shipments to St. Croix

VI Cargo offers a wide variety of end-to-end services from arranging pickup anywhere in the US to personally overseeing the final pickup on St. Croix.

Quick, weekly shipments

At VI Cargo, we’re consistently shipping every week. This allows us to be efficient and reliable in our timing and service. 

Personalized Service

Choose how, when, and where you want your cargo delivered based on what’s important to you. 

Peace of Mind

We work directly with our sister shipping company Tropical to ensure we trace your cargo from beginning to end. 

VI Cargo Advantages

  • At VI Cargo we offer a variety of reliable and affordable ocean transportation services for all types of customers.
  • Part of our complete service is getting your cargo from the shipper or supplier to our main terminal in Miami, FL. 
  • Whether it is a small crate or a full truckload, you will be able to rely on VI Cargo. All it takes is a phone call and we will get your freight moving in the right direction!
  • Enjoy quick, professional and economical shipping. Whether you are in town shopping, online shopping, or sending needed supplies to family and loved ones overseas, we can help!
  • Too much online shopping? We have you covered! Do not worry about your items’ estimated arrival time. We can consolidate them! Enjoy 30 days of FREE storage at our Miami warehouse. Learn More
  • We can ship your cars, trucks, and boats from our Port of Palm Beach, Florida warehouse to the St. Croix container port. 
  • Inversely, we can also ship from the St. Croix container port to the Port of Palm Beach, Florida. (Motorcycles can be still be delivered to our Miami Warehouse.) 
  • Cargo consolidation is an easy way to save time and money when handling multiple orders. Consolidating your order before shipping your goods will minimize the freight charges associated with multiple shipments. 
  • We can consolidate multiple orders from different suppliers or shippers into one shipment to St. Croix. In addition, you can enjoy 30 days of free storage on our warehouse to ship all your cargo at once! More about warehousing.
  • VI Cargo’s foremost advantage is our flexibility to tailor services to the individual cargo needs of our customers.
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Why is cargo insurance important when you are shipping or transporting goods? Because cargo may be damaged by an accident or a natural disaster during transit. 
  • Keep in mind that International Marine law restricts the Carrier’s liability. Cargo insurance offers peace of mind. VI Cargo is committed to providing the highest level of economic protection for your cargo and offers cargo insurance underwritten by Seven Seas Insurance Company.


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