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Virgin Atlantic Airways is always offering innovative products and services, glamorous destinations and charismatic crew in bright red uniforms as the reasons for our success. But these are just part of our story. The personality and language of our brand plays a major role too, and to get a grasp on why, it’s useful to look at our past.

When we first started flying in 1984, the world was changing rapidly. In the UK, boom time had arrived, and a lot of people had more money to spend, with a greater desire to explore the world. The airline world hadn’t changed much at all and there wasn’t much choice, each country only had its state owned legacy airline. Expensive, with little emphasis on the customers’ needs, if you needed to get somewhere, you only had one airline to choose from. And what a dull, grey experience that was.

Virgin Atlantic Airways throughout the 80s and early 90s, we continued to lead the pack. Sleepy legacy carriers were too slow, or too entrenched in their ways to catch up with us. And even if they did, we’d dream up something even more innovative. As our business established itself in markets appealing to business travellers, then our personality slowly had to change too. The cheeky language we’d employed to encourage people to fly with us on their holidays was no longer quite as appropriate to talk to a business audience – although we still managed to promote our seatback screens as ‘nine inches of pure pleasure.’

Virgin Atlantic Airways formed an alliance with Delta Air Lines to offer customers access to an even greater network, seamless travel and reciprocal frequent flyer benefits. In 2019, we extended this to join forces with Air France KLM, to offer passengers even more choice and value.

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