World Distribution Services

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World Distribution Services

About World Distribution Services

World Distribution Services is a leading provider of creative warehouse logistics solutions. Our areas of expertise include:

International and domestic warehouse storage
Warehousing and distribution services
Container Freight Station (CFS) services
Local and nationwide transportation services
Out-of-gauge services
Our team of talented employees, our full-service product capabilities, and our exemplary reputation make World Distribution Services your complete warehouse logistics source.

Our team is market-knowledgeable and committed to offering best in class service and we are firm in our desire to help our customers be successful. Our employees serve as the primary connection in our customers’ supply chain process and help facilitate essential solutions.

To get a more in-depth look at who we are and what we are currently doing, check out our recent news.

World Distribution Services has earned its reputation as a leading provider of warehouse logistics and warehouse storage, and our third-party logistics service can facilitate your essential warehousing and cargo distribution needs.

We are specialists in:

Warehouse services
Equipment expertise
Customer service
Facility services

The diverse services our third-party logistics company offers allows us to tailor solutions to each individual customer’s needs. This saves valuable time, effort and cost.

World Distribution Services advantages

We focus on technology which guarantees our ability to stay flexible and up-to-date, and our broad range of third-party logistics services includes:

Picking and Packing
Physical Inventory

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