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World Exchange Inc

About World Exchange Inc

World Exchange Inc origins actually go back about 5 years before the doors officially opened. On a sun-soaked Tahitian beach in 1991 while sharing tropical drinks with a friend who owned a hotel on the island, Frank Gomez was engaged in a conversation about the difficulty of sourcing good quality linens for, not just his hotel but for all the hotels on the island.

The friend shared that, as the popularity of their hotels were increasing, they were having a hard time obtaining towels and linens and that the local market just could not keep up with demand. In that moment, the idea for World Exchange was born.

World Exchange Inc grew to include importer clients like Mattel and D-Link Systems, Frank saw a potential new market with several local cargo freight forwarders. They were in need of high quality, reliable Customs brokerage services for some of their more challenging clients, and World Exchange was the perfect solution for their increasingly growing problem.

Over the course of the next several years, World Exchange Inc would become the main Customs brokerage partner to over 80 freight forwarding firms all over the world.

World Exchange Inc advantages

World Exchange is a full-service Customs Brokerage firm that can handle the Customs clearance for almost any product imaginable. We have experience dealing with many other government agencies, like FDA, USDA, and EPA, ensuring that your importation goes as smoothly as possible.

Other than basic Customs Clearance, we process a number of other different types of entries, which include:

  • In-Bond Entries
  • Remote Location Filing
  • Temporary Importation (TIB) Entries
  • Anti-Dumping Entries
  • Warehouse & FTZ Entries
  • Carnet Processing
  • Passenger Clearances
  • ISF Filing
  • FDA Prior Notice

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