About YOG Global Enterprises

Yog Global Enterprises is a full service Customs Brokerage firm that can handle Customs clearance for almost any product being imported at all 50 US states ports via Ocean, Air and land.

YOG Global Enterprises was created by a husband and wife team with extensive experience in the shipping, brokerage, and finance industries. One of our owners has an MBA in Finance and worked as a chemical engineer.

After managing a team of 14 people, he went on to start Yog Global Enterprises. With our wealth of experience, from the inner workings of FedEx™, to the trading pit floor, we understand what it takes to make businesses successful, and we’re pleased to share this knowledge with our customers.

When you choose us for your brokerage needs, you’re getting the personal attention you deserve. Instead of getting shuffled from department to department, you’ll only have to deal with one point of contact. We work very hard to keep abreast of the latest technology, and we’re one of the only brokerages that get email notifications at every step along the Customs process.

We are extremely knowledgeable about all of the relevant rules and regulations, and we work very hard to keep ourselves updated of any changes. We’ll get your shipments to their destination on time, so you won’t lose any of your hard-earned money.

YOG Global Enterprises Advantages

  • Customs Clearance: Avoid the headaches associated with clearing U.S. Customs with our brokerage services. We’ll coordinate with Customs and the forty-seven other federal agencies monitoring incoming cargo shipments for you.
  • Logistics: FMCSA and DOT licensed, when you need to arrange transportation we’re the brokerage firm you can rely on. With our service, you’ll avoid the fines and delays that affect your bottom line.
  • Other Services: We’ll take care of the PGA and OGA clearance for a variety of federal agencies involved in the Customs process. We also offer a variety of other customs-related services you’ll find very useful.

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