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What Makes PayCargo So Special?

Sure there are features and product stuff that can help you receive your cargo faster and grow your business (which we get into further down this page if you’re interested), but the biggest difference is our DNA.

The founding team of PayCargo has logistics built into their DNA. Their decades of experience in the space guided our U.S. based Engineering team to create a industry specific payments hub that benefits payers and vendors alike.

With financial backing from Insight Partners and Blackstone Group, PayCargo can properly invest time and money to build a truly innovative payment platform with the highest level of security.

We created PayCargo just for you.

P.S. Need More Convincing?

We have the largest vendor network in the industry

We’ve partnered with over 5,000 of some of the biggest logistics carriers within the Ocean, Air, Rail, Trucking and Warehousing categories so that you can pay any provider(s) at any given time.

PayCargo has developed their patented technology to deeply integrate with these vendors, so your payment is sent quickly and securely so that your cargo is released in a few hours.

At PayCargo, we never touch your money, and it never leaves the U.S. banking system. 

This is a question that should be asked with any payments provider.

All funds run through a separate escrow account controlled by a federally regulated Bank. This is a critical step in protecting your money.

We also conduct Semi-Annual security penetration tests. This will hopefully prevent anyone gaining access to your money or the PayCargo system via the various integrations we provide vendors and companies we work with globally.

PayCargo Provides Critical Steps To Protect Your Money

SOC1 Level Reporting For Client Protection

PayCargo has achieved SOC 1 level reporting because we believe that protecting our clients’ assets are of the highest importance.

A SOC 1 report focuses on the services performed by service organizations relevant to a company’s financial reporting. This means that an independent 3rd party auditor has validated Paycargo’s commitment to evidencing the design and effective operation of its controls.

While Paycargo has taken an exhaustive multi-month approach to achieve SOC 1 reporting, we believe our customers are worth the effort, and the results speak for themselves in terms of our commitment to trust and high-quality service levels.

Improve The Way
Your Business Grows

As the leading logistics payment platform, PayCargo’s impact goes beyond making and receiving payments – it helps everyday businesses be more effective, too.

By using Paycargo, your business saves time and capital so you receive your cargo faster without having to use traditional methods of payment or wait long periods of time for bank transfers.

Get Started Within Minutes And Let PayCargo Do The Work For You

PayCargo’s vision is to revolutionize the efficiency of the worldwide movement of goods and material shipped via land, sea or air through the use of their propriety online payment solution.

We Created PayCargo
For You.

See How 95,000+ Companies and 5,000+ Logistics Vendors use PayCargo to grow their business.


What People Are
Saying About PayCargo

PayCargo has helped All-Ways spend less time per shipment, and in most cases get instant freight releases. The digital era of freight forwarding would not be complete if not for PayCargo.
Sol Green
Forwarding Supervisor
All Ways Forwarding
PayCargo's digital platform provides ubiquitous access for all our customers with an easy-to-use solution for payments which has become a default option in many instances. PayCargo has also been quick to adapt to our changing business needs.
Antonio Arlotta
Treasurer & Director of Working Capital
STG Logistics
By adding the digital payment option for our customers through PayCargo, we have become more versatile and customer-friendly. Our employees and customers appreciate the option of being able to pay the charges online, and hassle free.
Jill Parton
COD Cash Receipts Manager
Forward Air
[PayCargo] actually leads to a higher invoice accuracy, lower disputes, better cashflows, and shorter outstandings.
Jeroen Giling
Director, Cargo
Swissport Cargo Services
The Netherlands B.V.
With the support of [PayCargo's] team, we're very happy and it works perfectly from the first day.
Norbert Pahlsmeyer
Director of Sales and
Handling FL
Lufthansa Cargo
We have automated the checks and the invoices of the ground handling agent.
Martin Schenkels
Deputy General Manager Forwarding Division
Nippon Express