Easily Pay All APM Terminal Charges

With a PayCargo account, you’ll be able to search for past and pending transactions within APM Terminal Los Angeles Pier 400 and pay using multiple forms of payment.

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APM Terminal Benefits With PayCargo​

Enjoy Preferred Member Transaction and Subscription Fees

By registering as a Payer, your account includes preferred user fees for exclusively paying APM Terminal Los Angeles Pier 400.

Easily Search and Pay For Any Container

You’ll be able to search for past and pending transactions via APMT/PayCargo Integration with ease using container number.

Additional access to pay 5,300+ Vendors direct via the PayCargo System

Never worry about not finding your vendor in PayCargo. If a vendor isn’t listed, we’ll reach out to them and add them.

See pending and future payments

Schedule payments and view all pending transactions created in the PayCargo system on one page.

Flexible Payment Options Available

Overnight Debit

Funds are withdrawn directly from your provided bank account.

Prepaid Funds

Pre-funded account where you can add funds on your terms.

Credit Card

If you’ve got a credit card, you can use PayCargo. All major providers accepted!

PayCargo Credit

15 or 30 Day Credit. $50k to $5M available immediately.

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Speak directly with a PayCargo platform expert

Customer Support Available 24/7

24/7 customer support by phone or email is always here to help with any questions or assistance you need with the PayCargo platform.
You can contact the PayCargo customer service via phone or email.